“I wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom in your books, ‘Hard Choices’ and ‘Light in the Shadows.’ I ordered two copies of ‘Hard Choices’ one to give to my mother’s doctor and one for my family to keep and share. It is an exceptionally informative book. My husband is reading it now and it will be a discussion point for our planning for our end of life wants and needs.”

A Letter from Hank

In my many years as a chaplain in a nursing home, a hospital, and with hospice, I have learned some valuable lessons about living in the midst of a life-threatening illness.
As difficult as it is, what seems most important is to live each day as fully as possible. I have seen people live a life of meaning and purpose even while severely disabled and seriously ill.
In these pages of my books, I have gathered the most helpful insights that have been inspired by these patients. The books are about finding hope in hopeless situations; being grateful in the midst of great loss; experiencing a connection to things eternal; living a meaningful life while considering the possibility of death; and getting to the root issues in medical treatment decisions.
I have been committed not only to inspiring and comforting patients and families, but also to fully informing them about the medical facts concerning the last phase of life. I want to assure the healthcare professionals using my book that I have thoroughly researched the topics discussed. I have found that giving honest answers about the limited “success” of many life-sustaining treatments at the end of a terminal disease is welcomed by most patients and families. We do them no favors by offering them false hope that they will not die. Once they know the truth, they can move on toward gaining acceptance and finding comfort.
I hope you find the books inspirational and useful as you travel the path you are on.