“I wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom in your books, ‘Hard Choices’ and ‘Light in the Shadows.’ I ordered two copies of ‘Hard Choices’ one to give to my mother’s doctor and one for my family to keep and share. It is an exceptionally informative book. My husband is reading it now and it will be a discussion point for our planning for our end of life wants and needs.”

How to use these books

Hard Choices for Loving People: CPR, Feeding Tubes, Palliative Care, Comfort Measures, and the Patient with a Serious Illness

Although Hard Choices for Loving People is a concise and manageable book to read in its entirety, it is organized to allow those who may not wish to read the entire text in one sitting to easily find the information most useful to them.

Reading Hard Choices

  • Use the Table of Contents to go directly to the information in which you are most interested.
  • No matter which topic might be of most interest, it is a good idea for everyone to read the “Introduction.”
  • Each chapter begins with “This chapter will answer the following questions” and ends with a “Summary.” Just reading these two sections of each chapter will help the reader grasp the major points.
  • If a patient or their family has made the decision to withhold or withdraw treatment and they still are struggling, they might want to move directly to the sections on the emotional and spiritual issues which begin on page 62, “Changing the Treatment Plan.” These final fifteen pages get to the most difficult part of the end of life. The thoughts expressed in these pages are expanded upon in Hank Dunn’s Light in the Shadows: Meditations While Living with a Life-Threatening Illness. Click here for more information.
  • The “Endnotes” are listed to assure professionals, patients, and families that the facts presented in Hard Choices are based on medical research. Click here for a full list of endnotes and references.

Light in the Shadows: Meditations While Living with a Life-Threatening Illness

Light in the Shadows was written for those patients and their families who have a difficult time accepting the terminal phase of an illness. The book addresses the emotional and spiritual struggles people often face as they approach the end of life. The book is not “religious” per se, but draws inspiration from many faiths, as well as secular sources.

Reading Light in the Shadows

  • The book is a collection of 27 short thoughtful pieces written to help those struggling with terminal illness. Each piece can stand on its own, so the reader can “skip around” or read for a while and come back later without having to worry about losing the train of thought. The brevity of each meditation makes for easy reading for those short on energy.
  • Each meditation begins with a quote from literature or spiritual writings and closes with a powerful thought to carry you through the day.