“Thank you for the thoughts contained in ‘Hard Choices.’ I lost my mother in late spring of this year; she suffered from Alzheimer’s in her later years. Making the end-of-life decisions you described was not difficult in the sense that I knew exactly what she would want. We had talked and she had made her wishes known earlier in life. The thing that really helped me was the part about letting go and letting be.”

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5-star reviews of Hank Dunn’s books can be found here and on Amazon. These books have a positive impact on healthcare decision making for readers everywhere. Engaging, honest, and informative, Chaplain Dunn does not preach, he offers insight. He does not proselytize, he communicates. Most of all, he offers comfort to the seriously ill and their families in the form of practical advice and honest answers.

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Reviews: Hard Choices for Loving People
For Hard Choices for Loving People Book Reviews click here.
Click here to view Hard Choices for Loving People Book reviews on Amazon.

“This highly readable little book is invaluable for people making end of life decisions. It is written in nonjudgmental lay language, giving the facts and perspectives. It should be read by everyone regardless of age. One never knows when a difficult decision will present itself…as much as we want to avoid thinking about it, we will all die at some point.”

“The book addresses many of the issues faced at end of life: emotional intensity, practical needs and responsibilities, and the importance of mindful and heartful presence. I recommend it very much.”


Reviews: Light in the Shadows
For Light in the Shadows Book Reviews click here.

“I work in a hospital with long-term, critically ill patients. I found this book very helpful in [understanding] how someone with terminal illness may be feeling, and how to potentially help them. I [wish] I could buy this book for every patient so that they could use the meditations to help guide them through the process of accepting their own mortality.”

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