“I have worked in the hospice field for 6 years and can't imagine doing anything else. I have used and handed out ‘Hard Choices’ and ‘Light in the Shadows’ for years. I must admit that I finally read them, with full attention, only recently and the only word that I can find is WOW! How clear, how honest, how liberating, how true, how necessary this work is. Thank you Hank!”

Groups and Healthcare

Healthcare Providers, Faith and Mental Health Counselors, and Legal Professionals

As a healthcare provider, counselor, or legal professional, you are in the unique position of embracing the job of making a difference in the lives—and deaths—of your patients. You are tasked with explaining the practicalities of end-of-life issues, while providing comfort, care and emotional support. In order to help you and your organization ensure the best possible experiences and outcomes for you, your patients and families, Quality of Life Publishing Co. offers two books by Reverend Hank Dunn: “Hard Choices for Loving People: CPR, Feeding Tubes, Palliative Care, Comfort Measures, and the Patient with a Serious Illness” and “Light in the Shadows: Meditations While Living with a Life-Threatening Illness.”

These two powerful books are useful tools for helping your patients and their families understand–and peacefully come to terms with—end-of-life decision-making. A combination of thorough medical research, practical advice, and help with the emotional and spiritual issues, the books offer honest answers and reliable information.

Use these books as part of your:

  • Patient Care Packets
  • Support Groups
  • Workshops
  • Study Groups
  • Presentations and Seminars
  • Marketing Activities


Marketing Opportunities

Hank Dunn’s books also provide you with marketing opportunities in terms of offering a “value add” to your current program, or as a “door opener” with individuals and organizations. The best part? The books will honestly resonate with your clients and prospects. The gift of these books not only shows that you care, but that you understand the wants and needs of your clients. Use them in your direct mail, as a hand out at a conference or seminar or as a “pass along” to your current clients.

Customize Your Hard Choices Books:

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Suggestions for Distributing our Book Titles

Hard Choices for Loving People

Many nursing homes and hospice programs provide everyone admitted a copy of Hard Choices. Since everyone receives the book, no one is being “singled out” as if in greater need of an advance care plan. The book also serves as a way to begin the discussion about end-of-life decisions.

Physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and other healthcare professionals may distribute one or more Hard Choices books after end-of-life discussions with a patient or their family. This allows the patients or families to review the topics of the conversation and also to give a copy to family members who might not have been present at the discussion.

Hard Choices can be a helpful companion to presentations before both lay and professional audiences. Some faith communities use the books in  discussion groups or as an helpful aid for those visiting the sick and elderly.

Attorneys and financial planners find Hard Choices an excellent tool for helping clients devise advance care plans, while they are doing estate planning. The information in the book aids in drawing up living wills and medical durable powers of attorney.

Many facilities and organizations use Hard Choices as a marketing tool. Hospitals may distribute the books to nursing homes or community groups as part of their public service efforts. Hospices may give them to hospital discharge planners, oncology units, ICUs, palliative care teams, and others to help with end-of-life decision-making. For more information on having your organization’s logo and other details printed on the back cover of Hard Choices at no additional cost, click here.

Light in the Shadows

Light in the Shadows is often provided as a follow-up to Hard Choices. It picks up where Hard Choices ends, with the emotional and spiritual concerns people have as they approach the last phase of life.

Social workers, psychotherapists, and bereavement counselors provide Light to clients who are grieving or are anticipating an imminent death.

Emergency room staff have found the book helpful for those facing the sudden loss of life or declining health.

Light in the Shadows can also be used as a marketing tool in the community.