Preparing for Death as a Game . . . really

Jul 30, 2013   //   by Hank Dunn   //   Emotional & Spiritual Issues, General  //  Comments Off on Preparing for Death as a Game . . . really

As I have wandered around the internet looking at things death and dying, I ran across a very intriguing project. The Action Mill out of Philadelphia is developing a board game to help people have discussions about death and dying.

They are still in the development phase and are raising support to get the project off the ground. They call it “My Gift of Grace” and their Kickstarter website features a video introducing the game.

This looks like it has real possibilities for staring conversations in families and among friends. In my view, the family discussion about end-of-life care is the most important part of preparing for healthcare decisions in the face of a life-threatening illness. The family conversation ranks right up there with assigning a healthcare proxy.

This game could be part of the process.

Thanks guys!


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