“I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and your experience in such a kind, understandable, loving way. Your spirituality is evident throughout the entire book. Thank You again! I will at every step of the way do my very best to honor your philosophy and teach your concepts well. God Bless you and please, keep doing your work.” ~ Registered Nurse, Trinidad, Colorado

Customize Hard Choices for Loving People

Add value to your order of 100 books or more by marketing your organization on the back cover.


To better serve you, we’ve set fixed press deadlines* for the entire year for English Hard Choices books:

  • JANUARY 20
  • APRIL 20
  • JULY 20
  • OCTOBER 20

* For estimated delivery the following month. If the press deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be pushed to the next business day.

Next deadline – Spanish:

  • TBD (estimated 2019)

To order:


  • Full color or black imprint: Add your logo, contact information, or any other content to the back cover; see page 2 of the order form for pricing.
  • Branding options: Use a simple template, submit your own artwork, or we can design a custom ad for your organization.
  • Lower minimum order: The minimum order quantity for branded books is now 100. 
  • Multiple press runs: English and Spanish branded books are sold separately. Branded English books are printed at fixed quarterly press runs (see deadlines above); branded Spanish books are printed less frequently, as inventory is needed about once per year. Contact us with questions.