“I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and your experience in such a kind, understandable, loving way. Your spirituality is evident throughout the entire book. Thank You again! I will at every step of the way do my very best to honor your philosophy and teach your concepts well. God Bless you and please, keep doing your work.” ~ Registered Nurse, Trinidad, Colorado

Acknowledgements For Hard Choices for Loving People

Hard Choices for Loving People, 4th Edition, 2001

This work has been a group effort. First I want to thank Pat Gerkin who has applied her editing skills and made what you hold in your hands so much better. Thanks also to Ashley who keeps A&A Publishers going. I am truly grateful to the people listed below who read a draft and made suggestions to improve this edition of Hard Choices.

Thanks to my former colleagues at Hospice of Northern Virginia:

Mary Baylor, RN, Linda Earley, RN, Carolyn Richar, MDiv, RN, Rob Benson, MDiv
Marty Mathis, RN, Tim Townsend, Mdiv, Brad Beukema, MS
Betsy Murphy, FNP, CRNH, Mary Wheeler, MSN

And to new friends at LDS Hospital, Salt Lake City, UT:

Cherie Brunker, MD, Evelyn Kasworm, Stephens Minister, Brooke Grant, Chaplain
Valerie Lambert, LCSW, Jay Jacobson, MD, Helen Rollins, RN

Several family caregivers shared their reflections on caring for someone at the end of life:

Sally Fitzpatrick, Reston, VA, Bill Gurley, Reston, VA
Barry St. Clair, Lillburn, GA, Bill Stephens, Maitland, FL

Finally a host of other caring professionals offered their insights:

Zail Berry, MD, Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington, VT
Garey Eakes, JD, Partnership for Caring, Washington, DC
Linda Edmondson, LCSW, Okla. Assn. for Healthcare Ethics, Oklahoma City, OK
Thomas Finucane, MD, Johns Hopkins Geriatrics Center, Baltimore, MD
Lea Grubbs, LCSW, United Medical Center Hospice, Cheyenne, WY
Catherine Frisko-Holsing, LCSW, North Plains Hospice, Miller, SD
Constance Holden, RN, MSN , It’s Me Again, Boulder, CO
Ron Karpick, MD, Falls Church, VA
Liz Lamkin, MDiv, Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, GA
Kathleen Leavenworth, BA, Natl Hospice & Palliative Care Org., Alexandria, VA
Lida Leech, RN, Loudoun Hospital Center, Leesburg, VA
Joanne Lynn, MD, Center to Improve Care of the Dying, Arlington, VA
Alvin Moss, MD, Center for Health Ethics & Law, WV University, Morgantown, WV
Christina Puchalski, MD, Dept. of Medicine, George Washington University, DC
Mary Beth Reckmeyer, ANP-C , Mary Washington Hospital, Fredericksburg, VA
Jenny Schrom, RN, Natl Hospice & Palliative Care Org., Alexandria, VA
Sr. Carol Taylor, PhD, RN, Center for Clinical Bioethics, Georgetown U. School of Medicine, DC
Darlene Wheeler, CCRN, Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Ranson, WV

Hard Choices for Loving People, 3rd Edition, 1994

I am greatly indebted to those who took the time to review my manuscript and make valuable comments. Their suggestions came in by mail, fax, e-mail on the Internet, and through personal discussions. At times I felt like we were having a coast-to-coast dialogue on how best to say what we wanted to communicate. In addition to those listed here, I must acknowledge the staff, residents, and families of Fairfax Nursing Center, who, for the last 11 years, have taught me more than I ever could have gathered from books. From them I have learned it is possible to live a life of grace even as one faces the end of life.

Those who read and commented on Hard Choices:

Kathryn Baugus, LMSW & Delores Miller, RN, Kennestone Hospice, GA
Millie Becker & Beth Kleb, RN, Fairfax Nursing Center, VA
Connie Black, RN, BSN & Judith Eighmy, RN, BSN, Community Hospice Care, CA
Deirdre Carolan, MSN, RNC, Fairfax Hospital, VA
Jane Carter, RN, BSN, Edwin Porter, Dmin, & Noreen Welch, RN, BSN, Hospice of Northern VA
Joanne Crantz, MD, Medical Director, Commonwealth Care Center, VA
Susie Dunn, MEd, Psychotherapist, VA
Thomas E. Finucane, MD, Johns Hopkins Geriatric Center, MD
Israel Galindo, EdD & Lawrence Mathews, DMin, Vienna Baptist Church, VA
Arnold Golodetz, MD, Burlington, VT
Romelle Martin Jones, MDiv, Manor Care, Ruxton, MD
Cathy Kopac, PhD, GNP, Georgetown University School of Nursing
James Lamkin, MDiv, Ravensworth Baptist Church, VA
Joanne Lynn, MD, Dartmouth Medical School, NH
Alan Mackintosh, MD, Medical Director, Fairfax Nursing Center, VA
Chaplain Joyce McCullough, RN, BSN, Mt. Vernon Hospital, VA
Elizabeth O’Connor, Author, Counselor, Church of the Saviour, DC
RADM Donald M. Showers, USN(Ret.), Arlington, VA
Jane Sille, RN, BSN, Alzheimer’s Association, Cincinnati, OH
Eileen Stone, MDiv, Lakeland Regional Medical Center, FL
Sr. Carol Taylor, RN, MSN, Center for Clinical Bioethics, Georgetown U. School of Medicine, DC