“I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and your experience in such a kind, understandable, loving way. Your spirituality is evident throughout the entire book. Thank You again! I will at every step of the way do my very best to honor your philosophy and teach your concepts well. God Bless you and please, keep doing your work.” ~ Registered Nurse, Trinidad, Colorado

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Hard Choices for Loving People

Straight talk about medical choices. I recommend it to EVERYONE!!!

A good companion for some of the hardest choices in life

For those who are wrestling with difficult choices regarding the end of life care of a loved one, this should be required reading. I suspect that no other book is given out or recommended by hospices more than this one is. It is short, gentle and compassionate, but honest and straightforward.


I am a health care lawyer sometimes tasked with helping people face difficult end of life issues. This is the most sensitive and lovingly realistic book of its kind that I've seen -- and there are many other good ones out there. It's a vital read. I've always recommended it to clients, but my own family used it to open up hearts and minds -- and settle an ugly dispute between my mother and one of her brothers -- when my grandfather was dying of Alzheimer's. Hank Dunn's work is a God send.

Practical help for loving families

I am a clinical chaplain, and a rehab chaplain at a large city hospital.
I see many families who are trying to help their loved ones make good medical decisions. This book is a great aid for them, to help them sort out feelings and goals about medical treatments. You can tell the author has vast experience with the sick and their families. I heartily recommend this book for all those who are caring for the sick or have an elderly member of their family who is sick. Thanks to a great author Hank Dunn.

Amazing little book

This amazing little book, "Hard Choices for Loving People", is one of the best gifts you could ever give a patient and family who are facing these important end-of-life choices. Mr. Dunn says it so clearly, objectively, and compassionately that so much of the fear and pain of the decision is removed. I am a geriatric nursing leader of 43 years and have felt fortunate to have found this fine book in the early 1990s. I have shared it with many healthcare organizations and providers in California...from acute care to hospice, home health, Long-Term care, and now my church ! Thank you Mr. Dunn.

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