“I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and your experience in such a kind, understandable, loving way. Your spirituality is evident throughout the entire book. Thank You again! I will at every step of the way do my very best to honor your philosophy and teach your concepts well. God Bless you and please, keep doing your work.” ~ Registered Nurse, Trinidad, Colorado

Hard Choices for Loving People

CPR, Artificial Feeding, Comfort Care,and the Patient with a Life-Threatening Illness, Fifth Edition

80pp, Soft Cover

by Hank Dunn (ISBN 978-1-928560-06-7)

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Since the first edition was printed in 1990, more than THREE MILLION copies of the Hard Choices for Loving People book have been sold to hospitals, nursing homes, hospice programs, and faith communities nationwide. Author Hank Dunn, a nursing home and hospice chaplain for 30 years, presents thoroughly-researched, reliable medical advice and thoughtful, honest answers for patients and their families dealing with life-threatening illnesses and end-of-life decisions.

Hard Choices clarifies issues surrounding end-of-life decisions in an easy-to-read format in language that is easily understood. The book covers the most common medical treatment decisions faced by those who are living with a life-threatening illness:

  • CPR (resuscitation efforts)
  • Artificial hydration and nutrition (artificial feeding tubes)
  • Hospitalization of an ill person
  • Shifting to a hospice approach
  • Ventilators, dialysis, antibiotics and pain control, and more.

For anyone facing a life-threatening illness, this book offers comfort, care and a practical approach to dealing with the issues that accompany illness. In the closing chapter, “The Journey to Letting Be,” Chaplain Dunn explores the emotional and spiritual issues patients and families confront as they consider the end of life. These issues are thoughtfully explored and carefully examined as Chaplain Dunn shares his insight and experience surrounding the issues that ultimately affect us all.

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Table of Contents for Hard Choices for Loving People, by Hank Dunn

Table of Contents:
  • The Four Most Common Decisions
  • Goals of Medical Care
Chapter One – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Survival Rates with CPR
  • CPR in Nursing Homes
  • Burdens of CPR
  •  CPR and the Patient with a Life-Threatening Illness
  • CPR with Children
  • CPR Is the Standard Order
Chapter Two – Artificial Hydration and Nutrition
  • Intravenous (IV) Artificial Hydration
  • The Burdens of Artificial Feeding
  • The Case For Artificial Feeding in All Circumstances
  • The Case Against Artificial Feeding in Some Circumstances
  • Would Withholding or Withdrawing Artificial Feeding Cause a Painful Death?
  • The Difference Between Withholding and Withdrawing
  • Artificial Feeding and the Dementia Patient
  • Artificial Feeding and Children
  • A Time-Limited Trial
  • Chapter Three – Cure Sometimes-Comfort Always:
  • Hospice, Palliative Care and the “Comfort Care Only” Order
  • Goals of Medical Treatment in the “Last Phase of Life”
  • Hospice
  • What Are Comfort Measures?
  • Which Medical Treatments Are Optional?
  • Which Patients Are Candidates for Hospice or Comfort Care Only? When Is the Right Time?
  • End-Stage Dementia and Comfort Care Only
  • Children and Comfort Care Only
  • Turning From Cure to Comfort Care Only
Chapter Four – Treatments To Consider-Practical Help for Decisionmaking
  • Hospitalization
  • Ventilators
  • Dialysis
  • Antibiotics
  • Pain Control
  • Some Practical Help for Making Decisions
  • What To Do
  • Questions To Help Make a Decision
  • Getting Help With End-of-Life Decisions
Chapter Five – The Journey to Letting Be
  • A Personal Word From a Chaplain-The Four Treatment Decisions .
  • Changing the Treatment Plan
  • The Emotional Nature of the Struggle
  • Treating the Wrong Patient
  • Can I Let Go?
  • A Lifetime of Letting Go
  • Some Religious Questions
  • The Spiritual Nature of the Struggle
  • Giving Up, Letting Go and Letting Be
  • Fatal Isn’t the Worst Outcome

Acknowledgements for Hard Choices for Loving People


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